Rollers for hair (dark brown) - 2 pcs



Rollers dark brown (2 pieces) The rollers are designed specifically for Ruslan Tatyanin's creation, evening and wedding hairstyles for special occasions.

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Hi Ashley. Thanks for all the detailed info. I have a quotsien about aligning the two layers of vinyl as you apply them to the project Do you or is there a way to add some sort of registration mark over each cut layer so you can easily aligned the two colors of vinyl on top of each other???Do you just eyeball it to align them. Spent hours trying to find online info about tricks to match up multiple layers of vinyl using registration marks or anything other than just eyeballing it. I really want to make layered vinyl acrylic cups for all my friends children for their B-days this year. Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking of stencils you buy for walls, they always have registration marks to align each layer. ThanksHope