Head-dummy "Victoria"


Hair type - 100% natural
Hair density 230 grams
Color: Blond Size: fits the size of a person’s head
Hair length: 55-60cm. Hair density - high, mannequin with eyelashes Suitable for all types of hairdressing: dyeing, haircuts, hairstyles, cheating.

Special recommendations

  • Before working, it is advisable to wash the new dummy and lay it according to the instructions.
  • For dummy hair to last long when working with an electric tool, its maximum operating temperature should not exceed 180-190 ° C.
  • The dummy is washed if necessary. After each styling and hairstyle, it is not necessary to wash the dummy hair unless it is heavily
    contaminated with styling means.
  • For the care of the dummy hair, it is desirable to use shampoos, conditioners and masks for dry and damaged, discolored hair.
  • The buyer is responsible for the safety of the dummy. The seller is not responsible for the buyer's actions, which are contrary to the instruction: hair dyeing, haircut, poor-quality care and operation of the product, etc.

Exchange and return of the goods is possible within 7 days from the moment of its receipt. You can return the product if it has an exclusively marketable appearance. Delivery and forwarding times are not included in the time allowed to be returned.

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Head dummyVictoria